Sunday, September 30, 2007

If you're Chinese

Then you may today celebrate the Chinese National Day.
Hundreds of millions of people are not working today.
I am. I guess I'm not Chinese.
Of course many a Chinese work too.
People will go to restaurants,
hail a cab,
get on a bus,
have babies,
get ill,
It's all got to be taken care of.
Even today.
China has a lot to be proud of.
The metamorphosis has been rapid.
You can make the finest of products in China.
Made in China.
Toys with lead paint.
Contaminated toothpaste.
But also the finest furniture, electronics, fashion,
machines, tools,
and toys without lead paint.
They make wonderful leather products.
The picture shows one of China's proudest
brands in luxury goods.
A wallet made out of the softest and finest leather.
Packaged in a beautiful box.
A bargain. if you earn western money.
Wait a minute.
It reminds me of another brand.
I'm sure they also make their wallets in China
or some place where the workers don't get paid enough
to buy the stuff they make.
The margins they make are enormous. But then again,
of course,
they made a huge investment in building that brand.
How Denghaoli, Denhaoli, Dunholi, Dunhillo is going to
build its brand seems pretty clear.
i'm not being cynical. Or?

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