Tuesday, June 22, 2010

keep walking

Sometimes when I walk through Manhattan
or elsewhere looking for pictures
I haven't yet taken I walk into scenes
that make me uncomfortable.
I don't know what makes this guy
deserve his position in life.
Or why he deserves being the subject
in a sneaky photographer's collection of images.
I normally avoid taking pictures of the truly down and out
when they're asleep.
In some sort of respect for their integrity.
Most homeless or alcoholic or drugged out bums are not bad people.
Some are just unlucky.
Or too weak to cope with the complexity of modern life.
Some may even have chosen that life.
However, this scene is strangely beautiful
despite the sadness of the place.
I've often found the worst looking places some
of the most interesting ones to photograph.
(This is on 30th street far west in Manhattan.)
And if not else, this reminds me that the step from
the comfortable kingsize double mattress and down pillows
at home to a card board bed in the street isn't that far.
We've got to keep walking.


Craig said...

Awesome light Tore.

Lally said...

Yeah, I don't think he'd mind being in something so beautifully done.

-K- said...

"strangley beautiful" is exactly right.

Tore Claesson said...

@ k and lally. Somehow the two plastic bags at his feet full of cans tell me this guy is at least trying to get by on his own. It's hard work to collect cans. Furthermore, he contributes more than most of us to the world. Asking for little. His environmental footprint is minimal and probably on plus.

Tore Claesson said...

also, when looking closer myself, it seems as if he's put something on his nose? to protect against the sun beams? Or just a band-aid?