Good Morning World.

Morning in Hongkong. 
Alleys are filled with fresh food stands and little al fresco places to eat a breakfast Congee (rice porridge), or a bowl of noodles.
It's raining after the night's light typhoon came through. 
Rain is apparently not a hindrance when it comes to food shopping. 
This image was taken in Graham Street market. 
It's a block down from where I rent a tiny pad.
It's only a 10 minutes walk from the office cum studio I currently work in.  Nan Fung Tower in Central.
Without an umbrella and rubber boats I'm soaked. 
Stepped in a puddle that reached my ankles. 
Those things happen when you lead your life through a lens.


geo said…
The other side of the world, New York, gets ready for the world. The President of Iran is here for a UN conference. He will be speaking, under great protest, at my alma mater, Columbia University. He is allowed to appear before the United Nations, even though he violates its Charter by calling for the annihilation of another sovereign state, Israel. The world goes on. Death and hate and love and laughter. We miss you back here, Tore.

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