Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm corporate

I'm exhausted for the wrong reasons.
everything went, well, okay, brilliant, a success.
It seems.
I wasn't so sure the last night, or morning rather, at 4 or so A.M.
That's when things go wrong.
Well it didn't, sort of. Other than the fact we were late as usual.
I can't remember how many times we've delivered the very last minute. 
Touching up until the last second. 
A tweak here, a nudge there.
No matter how much planning. Last minute is law. 
Always the last minute. Never the last word.
Always exhausted when one should be sharp and fresh and springy and sparkling.
I wonder if I snored during that second speech.
2 hours of something resembling sleep. Rehearsals 6 A.M.
Start 9. A.M.
the film took almost two month to make.
We started in NY.
Went on to Amsterdam and Velsen, Holland.
Drobak next. It's in the Oslo fjorden.
Numbingly pretty.
Svalbard next. Didn't shoot any polar bears. 
You were not leave the the populated area without a gun. You had to leave the gun outside the post office though. Figure it was basically bearless.
Next stop rubber dinghy, from one ship to another outside Svalbard.
On to a Russian trawler named Kaptein Gromso, or something.
Filmed the deadliest kind of catch for a week. 
Rubber dinghy to a supply ship. Engine barely makes it across. 
Three days later we see the first sign of the fjords leading to Tromso Norway.
Hongkong next. One night. 
Qingdao, China says welcome.
This is where China is going to hold the Olympic sailing competitions.
This is where they make TsingTao. The beer.
It should be brewed form the purest of spring water up in the mountains. That's where the original brewery is.
Nobody believes any longer that all Tsing Tao beer contains that water. At least not every bottle. Or can. It can't. Can it?
And so the film ends and lands in Hongkong. 
Or at least it was shown at a corporate gathering here this morning.
I'm glad to say we survived.
Corporate movies are ot stuff people survive, if they're truly honest.
I can sleep now.
It was not the usual corporate movie. Maybe I show it here next week or so.
Here's an image from the conference. 
That was when it was just me there. 
Besides that busty stiff and the hard working staff.
Stiff and staff.

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geo said...

what an odyssey. but you are richer for's all i can do to get to the west side.