Sunday, September 23, 2007

Okay, so here we go.
It took me half a year from creating this blog account to actually post anything.
How do they do it? 
They guys who post at least one piece per day?
I don't know where this animal is going? 
I will hop on and see where it takes me.
I hope to find something interesting to say. 
That's the hard part. 
As a blogger I'm now officially part of the ww babble. Word pollution, visual pollution, pollution, and waste.
I've spent my life polluting. I'm in advertising. Which I'm reasonably happy with. It could have been something worse. 
I took the picture above 5 minutes ago. Outside an office I work in. In HK. Typhoon warning is hoisted, so the streets are getting empty. It's a little after 8pm here in HK. It's Sunday night. 
The last couple of weeks have been very polluted. Smog. Hot. Smelly. Perhaps a typhoon will blow it away? 


Su said...

Well, what with the new blogger play thing, you caught at least one eye right away! I saw your pic and wanted to see where it was. I hope you'll post more!

T said...

Thank you SU.
At the moment i'm in HK and I intend to post some photos of life here on a regular basis.
Stay tuned.