Thursday, September 27, 2007

Someone called out my name.
A loud whisper. Close.
Did I feel a cold breath?
I sat straight up in the bed.
The alarm clocked glowed green.
A few minutes past 3 A.M.
I reached for the light switch.
A dream. Or a wish?
The door was locked. The windows secured.
I was alone.
As I've been for quite a while now.
To be lonely is not to be free.
Or happy.
I have always been surrounded by family.
My children.
No longer tired I put on a pair of jeans, 
the same t-shirt as yesterday.
Went out in the dark night. Onto the streets of 
a city thatnever sleeps.
They say.
I don't know if they sleep or not. The people of Hongkong.
At least nobody slept in the street.
Neither did I meet anybody awake.
I got lost in the narrow labyrinth of hilly streets which is the
neighborhood I dwell in at the moment.
The bars and restaurants and laundry shops and pawn shops
were all dark and closed.
I came upon a place named "Joyce doesn't live here".
I figured that was probably true as it was a bar.
A sign sat outside. 
Sad Hour. It read.
How true, I thought.

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