Monday, September 24, 2007

two worlds

Last night I decided to go to bed early. 
Read a bit Henning Mankell. The Dogs of Riga. 
Imagine trying to read a murder mystery set in a wintery 
Sweden and Latvia accompanied by loud tuneless Chinese karaoke? 
Coming from the neighbors. Rock concert decibel level. 
Somehow i fell asleep. Woke up 5 am this morning. 
Not to karaoke. But it was suddenly quite.
With lots to do I figure i walk down to the office and start doing some 
retouching on some 
product images i shot last weekend.
It's strange how empty Hongkong is early mornings.
There were only a few people out. Mostly garbage collectors. 
Buses and taxis and trams were operating, but mostly empty. 
No private cars.
This is Tuesday. But it felt more like a very early Sunday morning in NY.
none of the juice stands were open. only a few of the 24 hour eating houses. now serving breakfast dim sum,
They sometimes like to call Hongkong the city that never sleeps.
That might so be, but when they don't sleep it must be in their tiny apartments 
out in the suburbs.
This relative quietness reminded me of the total peacefulness of 
northwest Norway.
I was there in August. 
Traveling with  brilliant photographer (stills, film, video) and film maker, 
Patrik Andersson.
We were on our way back from the Barents Sea. 
(I'll get back to that another time soon.)
The image above is taken as we approach Tromsø.


geo said...

your photo and your writing are poetry.

Whenever I experience such sensations in NY, I think of this Frank Loesser lyric from Guys and Dolls:

My time of day is the dark time
A couple of deals before dawn
When the street belongs to the cop
And the janitor with the mop
And the grocery clerks are all gone.

When the smell of the rainwashed pavement
Comes up clean, and fresh, and cold
And the streetlamp light
Fills the gutter with gold

That's my time of day
My time of day

T said...

Loesser is poetry. his words are like huge paintings.
Mine are mere little sketches.