Monday, October 8, 2007

Another book that made me feel really bad

A story of pain, guilt, savagery, murder, sin, madness, evil...pure evil...
God and the Devil.
I am not sure I can tell them apart.
No, it's not the Old Book.
It's The Kite Runner.
I'm afraid this book contains all too many truths of the state of mankind.
As it is today.
Not thousands of years ago.

The blurbs are all ad speak.
Sales trickery.
The know.
The book won't leave you alone whilst you opened the first page.
But if the blurbs hadn't been advertising you'd never got that far.
Now, dare read it.
Now when you know how horrific it is.
It's like not being able to turn your head away
from witnessing
the ambulance personnel attending to a terrible accident.
Maybe it's survival instinct?
Maybe that's why I read this book until the last page,
unable to put it down,
with tears rolling down my cheeks more than once.

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