Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How quaintly modern it all is

What do we do with our ultra modern digital devices?
We take pictures of the quaint.
We get all excited about what's left of what we call genuine.

That's progress. Snap a snippet in a snippety of a second.
Swish and now that little snippet of a newly snapped starlet becomes a packet.
Of data.

People say Singapore is the most sterile of places.
All totally modernized and clean to a degree of being closer
to a hermetically sealed test lab than a society of breathing and breeding humans.

I don't know. Not in Orchard Road at least.
Toilet bowls are just an approximation of where surplus Tiger beer is being disposed of.
No different with Carlsberg in Copenhagen, Heineken in Amsterdam or Bud in NY.

Obviously we like filth.
Or being filthy.

Little India in Singapore is not filthy.
Not filthier than the rest of Singapore.
Probably cleaner than most of NY.
Mostly older.

And still an opportunity to step back a little in time.
Here the music is from India. Food is Indian and most everyone in the street is Indian.
It's friendly. Charming. It's colorful.
It flirty and amusing.

My friend says it's like India Lite.

Yes, the widespread poverty of India proper is nowhere to be seen.
Neither is much of that extreme and opulent wealth
that so stands in contrast to the mundane. In India.

Nevertheless. Every third store seems to be a gold and jewelry business.
And there are other gems. such as quaint posters painted on walls.
Modern. Fashionable. Latest. They say.
And perhaps it's true. What do I know.

I know I can't snap out of my modern behavior and just relax.
I just bloody have to use my digital and shot it and put it on this bloody blog.

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