Sunday, October 28, 2007

Is it okay to be positive?

Or is it what we all should strive for?

What will come to your mind after years sitting on
a mountain-top thinking about nothing?

The ferry to Lamma Island takes about 30 or so minutes,
give or take.

On the way out the skyline of the Hongkong island is on the left,
and the ever growing skyline of Kowloon on the right.

Kowloon is Hongkong, but across Vixtoria Harbor seen from the main island.
Kowloon is classic land, with hotels like the Peninsula.
And soon the tallest building in Hongkong.

It takes just half an hour to travel years and decades back in time.
Sok Kwu Wan is one of two villages on Lamma where ferries stop.
It's just a tiny little village with a handful of buildings.
A row of seafood restaurants along the shore. Sitting on stilts.
One better than the other or equally good at least.

Live seafood kept in water tanks. Prices half compared to the city.
The pace is slow. The only rush might be to catch a ferry back.
Miss one and you'll have to relax for another hour or two.

The nature on Lamma is almost impossible to penetrate.
As everywhere in Hongkong.
The mountains are high, and covered in dense brush and bushes and trees.
The ground is rocky, the hills are steep.

To make things easier for the sneaker clad, backpack carrying, crowds, there are walkways everywhere.
Cemented pathways around, and crisscrossing, the island.
Toilets strategically placed together with first aid stations.
Special dog toilets too. Square sand pits where they can do their stuff.
It's a rugged life.

There are no cars on Lamma.

A Buddhist temple on the top of one of the mountains.
A wind machine to provide electricity.

Beaches where swimming and picking clam shells are the only available attractions.

To be half hour away from one the world's most commercial cities
it's rather devoid of commerce.
There's virtually none. Other than a few shops on restaurant lane just off the ferries.

It was a nice escape.
My camera lens instantly took on a more positive mood.
I think it registered a postcard-like image as shown above.
It's amazing what some fresh (almost) air can do.

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