marshmallows ?

It's tofu.
Graham Street market stretches three blocks south from Queens Road's exclusive office towers.
South is up the hills and feels like north to me.
The buildings are old and the land is valuable.
The market is fighting for its survival.
New tony office towers and exclusive apartment buildings want to take its place.
The narrow street is packed with stalls selling fruit, vegetables, meat, live fish, knickknack, flowers, and tofu.
I pass through every morning when going to work.
I get my breakfast there. A banana and a cup or two of freshly squeezed fruit juice.
7 eleven down on Queens Road also sells fruit juice.
In bottles.
That's the way it goes.
Very hygienic.
Who needs a quaint fresh market nowadays?
Let's can the whole thing.
Oh, that was a cheesy pun.
The fight has started. A private group of residents have gathered and is bidding for the property.
With the promise to keep the market if they prevail.
7eleven carries marshmallows. Not handmade tofu.


geo said…
i live in between what used to be a Hungarian enclave and what used to be Germantown in New York. There used to be little restaurants where you could get a nice knockwurst, red cabbage and spaetzle. Candy stores with good chocolate and marzipan. Bakeries with fresh bread six days a week. Now, there is Victoria's Secrets, Starbuck's and partly hydrogenated vegetable oil. Everything is fake. And Mexican waiters work at the Old Heidelburg, the last German restaurant. When the world is blown up, when it's nothing but ashes and roaches and plastic with a half-life longer than uranium isotopes, if I survive I will still remember the cleavage all those bras promised us.
T said…
victoria' secret.

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