Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not for the rich, but for the shrewd

The Italians got pizza, and more meatballs than the Swedes.
There are more italians.
The Swedes got IKEA. And meatballs.
The Italians got more IKEA than the Swedes.
The Chinese have IKEA.
It doesn't matter if you go to a kindergarten in Beijing, Hongkong, Singapore, Paris, Tel Aviv, Stockholm, Los Angeles or South Orange, New Jersey.
The kids play on the same carpet with roads and little houses printed.
In Hongkong there are no meatballs at IKEA.
But hot dogs and Pepsi.
HK$ 9.
You don't have to be very rich to afford that.
Or shrewd.
Ikea is about doing half of the job yourself.
That is something the old lady in the photograph has known all her life.
And still does.
It seems to me she does ALL the work. Not just half of it.
My father always used to say that hard work had never killed anybody.
He worked hard.
And died young.
It doesn't mean this lady isn't working hard.
Maybe my Father didn't work hard enough.
Or ate well enough.
Too many meatballs?

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