Thursday, October 18, 2007

Peel hair

Scratch scalp.
I do that a lot.
Not because it's itchy.
Not the hair.
I'm itchy. In a different sort of way.
I'm a nomad.
I tend to find myself wandering the earth.
Lived in 7 countries.
As a kid I hitch-hiked to get out of the village I was born in.
My first real job was on a ship.
Yesterday I was in Hongkong.
Today Singapore.
And I work for Tomorrow. Honestly.


geo said...

i wonder as i wander. when you return i have to give you a copy of alfred kazin's great book, "a walker in the city." a bildungsroman of a a poor jew growing up in depression ny.

we are wandering jews, tore. because we are searching for human beings.

T said...

so true.