Monday, October 29, 2007

They used to be green

I'm in advertising.
i hate most advertising.
It's stupid, intrusive and everywhere.

It's become so ubiquitous that i don't even notice most of it of course.
Only the absence of it.

I no longer see much of a difference between road signs,
traffic signs,
shop windows
or gigantic murals
with beautiful people
in Armani suits.

If you thought New York with its Time Square was
commercialized then come and take a look at Hongkong.

Armani alone occupies an entire shopping center,
with all of its sub-brands in different store spaces.

There are several huge malls where only the most exclusive
and expensive brands are allowed to rent space.
Wonder when they are going to enforce a door policy?
No unshaven middle aged men with pot bellies allowed.
Other than in company of a huge wallet.

The street is a bit more democratic.
Armani might have to accept being squeezed in between baby powder from J&J and Tiger Balm.
No escaping that if you buy a tram.

They used to be green.
The Trams.
As far as I can remember.

There was something discreet about them.
They'd sneak up on you, almost camouflaged.
And just before you were about to get overrun and killed they rang their bells.

Now they're screaming loudly.
Lucky Brand Jeans for example.

A ride from one end of the island to the other takes about 45 minutes or so.
It costs the equivalent of around 30 cents in US currency. HK$2.
I reckon advertising makes the reasonable fare possible.

It's okay they're no longer green. Far better than if they were no more at all.
A tram ride is an antidote to the hectic street life of hongkong.

The green was never racing green.
Now covered by more advertising than a Formula One car.
Still Formula Zen.

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