Ups and downs

Every day the same.
In the morning it's down.
Evenings are up.

They live high up.
Work down below.

That's literally.
For many it's metaphorically.

They swarm out of their hi-risers.
Sucked onto the travelator.

Then when they day is over they take the same trip uphill.

Some are clearly eager to make it up even quicker.

This is mid-levels.
As they area is called.
It's not the Peak.
It's middle everything.
It's just above the Central business district.
Well placed for the working ants of banks and offices.

An escalator winds its way far up to the top of the mid-levels.
Or down, depending on the time of day.

It's just one track.
The night shift has to walk down.
And up.
Steep streets and stairs leading up or down
depending on where you start.

Somewhere a quarter of the way up is SoHo.
South of Hollywood Road.

South is up. Up the steep, steep hills.
Like the steepest streets in San Francisco.

I always find it hard to think of up as south.

Let's go up south. High up south.


Where they don't get up in the morning.


geo said…
Check out Charlie Chaplin's commentary on your post...

give it a minute.
T said…
it's totally modern.

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