Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm hip

I'm retro.
I'm modern once again.
The design and music of my childhood is the latest.

Not long ago one of my sons came to me and said:
"Aba, you've got to listen to this new band. It's cool,
and I think you'd like it too."

I did indeed like the music.
It was The Kinks.
The kid was pretty surprised to learn that the music was over 20 years old
and that I dug it very very much.
Have it on my iPod, and on my iBook.

When i was young and hip the first time around I did some album design.
Back then an album represented a big nice canvas.
An LP cover was a great opportunity to express once best creative ideas.

I used to go to record stores just flipping through the records,
for the art.
Occasionally I bought a record based on the cover,
not knowing anything about the music inside.

I never designed a cassette cover, or a CD cover.
Before a few months back when my colleague from Ogilvy, Glenn Wall,
asked me if I would design the cover for his new record.
He writes and plays music that's retro.
Pop that sounds as if it could have been written when I was a kid.
And hip the first time around.
I guess he figured that if he's going to get retro right better recycle
an old art director that's got it naturally.

Listen to the music on

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