Wednesday, November 7, 2007

panel discussion

Today I can't find anything meaningful to say.
The image shown is a good illustration of that.
I pity those who'd come in the vain hope
of learning something new
or hearing an interesting discussion.
Or be entertained.

Perhaps that is how we spend our lives.
How we like to spend our lives.
Flittering from one meaningless activity to another.
In this case the activity of plastering ones rear end to an uncomfortable
seat listening to a motley crew of so called experts in the creative industries.
My seat was in the middle of the floor.
Supposedly one of the experts.

One person wasan expert with a degree. In fact a professor.
Knowledgeable. Or so I assume.
I wasn't competent enough to understand what he talked about.
I nodded enthusiastically with a serious expression on my face.
To my right a multimedia artist. I think he was.
I kept nodding. I nodded two chairs down as well.
Nodding is good.
We should nod more often.
Or nod off.

I do sincerely hope the auditorium found some of it useful.
I mean the audience in the auditorium. The people in the room.
I'm pretty certain rooms don't listen,
whatever they say about walls having ears.
Walls are too clever for that.
They rarely jump around looking for the next meaningless thing to kill time with.

Actually, it would have been nice if the people in this particular locale had been earless.
Although I'm sure that would have freaked me out.
Frogs shouldn't go to seminars.

One feels obliged to say stuff when given the honor
of making a fool of oneself publicly and visibly.
Only in this case I made a fool out of the poor listeners.
Because I'm pretty sure what I said was neither new to them,
nor particularly interesting.
Or funny. Or well expressed.

Which is why I rarely give speeches or sit in on panels.
I have very little to add.
which is the case with most of us.
The speaking opportunity is an opportunity for the speaker,
not the listener. A problem right there.
It's just something one is supposed to do in a certain position.
Center stage.

Well, now I've spent quite a few lines explaining
that I have nothing to say.
And not very much to show either.
It's a bloody boring picture isn't it?

However. It might be interesting and maybe even useful to know that I'm wearing
the same shoes today as I am in the image shown.

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