Wednesday, November 21, 2007

random note

I randomly picked up one of my LaCie back-up drives.
Clicked on Photos.
Scrolled down without any plan, and landed on a file
with photos taken in New York the spring of 2006.
One of those randomly shot ones. No particular plan.
Just shot without any aim.
No idea. No goal.
Just taking pictures of what happens to be around me wherever I happen to be.
I haven't sorted through these images.
They still have file names that means nothing to me.
I didn't use Bridge when selecting it, so the only thing I could see was a couple of letters and a string of numbers.
No idea what the image would be.
Other than something from Manhattan.
It turns out that it's an imagine of mediocre quality of the bar area of one of my favorite hang-outs in SoHo.
Lucky Strike.
I don't remember the meal. Probably their burger.
Theirs is not a bad burger. But perhaps not memorable.
I don't know who the people sitting at the bar are.
This is a pretty meaningless blog entry.
That's what randomness in combination with lackluster inspiration and questionable talent can do.
Sorry for taking up your time.
Life is perhaps too short for letting too much random into it.
Better take control.

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