Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Shame on you Hung Luk and John Lam

you're scavenging on humans.
You're taking advantage of honest people trying to support themselves and their families.
People who can barely afford to pay the taxes on the miserable salaries you pay them.
And certainly never the price you charge for a night in one of your rooms.
Measly salaries earned in jobs even rats would avoid.
You try to benefit from loopholes in the law.
You have no feelings.
Certainly no ethics.

The website says:
You’re gonna love us.
Hi. We’re Four Points by Sheraton. But you can call us Four Points.
We’re a hotel company. We’ve got great rooms, comfortable beds, tasty food, and lots of locations.
We know how to treat you.
And we know what’s important to you.
Because we’re a lot like you.

Unfortunately none of this apply to those who slave at the hotel.
The owners, the management, knows nothing about how to treat their own people.
Or rather, they simply ignore it. Greed comes first.

The flyer the demonstrators, employers, outside the hotel handed out reads:
to stay at the
Four Points Chelsea owners have figured out another scheme to profit from their guests, workers and the community.
They have taxpayers pay for their workers healthcare instead of providing employer-funded health insurance.
While the Sheraton Four Points Chelsea charges an average of US$409.00 per night, they pay their workers poverty wages.
Many of the workers who clean your rooms depends on state subsidized healthcare programs like Medicaid and Healthy Families First for themselves and their children.
Most New York hotels provide free healthcare for their workers and their families. Employer funded healthcare
provides an essential benefit for workers and it benefits our communities as well.
The workers at Four Points Sheraton Chelsea are protesting management's violations of the the law which include threats, harassment, intimidation, surveillance and termination of union support.
Call Hung Luk, Executive Director of Chelsea Grand LLC at 1-917-653-6688 and John Lam, Chairman of Chelsea Grand at 1-212-627-1888 and tell them to stop shifting their healthcare costs onto taxpayers and to stop breaking the law.

On the back is a list of hotels that don't break the law. most of them hotels belonging to big chains, some of them smaller hotels. Most of them in the area.

I don't know how much the workers are actually paid.
But the legal minimum hourly wages in New york is $7.15 from Jan.1, 2007.
I doubt the hotel in question pays more.
It would take a worker a week and a half of full-time work to pay for one night at the hotel.
Before tax on the wage. And without taxes added to the bill.
Breakfast not included.

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