A thin piece of glass in between

Is that all that keeps us apart?
2 millimeters.
Enormous distances.
Lives apart.
Lives interlocking.
Its cold outside.
Or it's stuffy inside.
How I wish I could get some warmth.
Wish i could be free.

Seneca reminds us of our neediness.
Our pity selves.
Trivializing our minds.
How we readily give up our freedom.
Entering into slavery.
The spell of others.
We become small and insignificant.
Putting up walls between ourselves and others.
We dare not touch. We can be seen, we see.
We dare not break the transparent sheet of nothingness.
That spell that binds us.
Prisoners in our minds.
Our own prison guards.


geo said…
a man works his whole life in a glass factory; one day, he picks up a hammer.

--Preston Sturges
"The Sin of Harold Diddlebock"

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