Sunday, November 18, 2007

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An empty wall.
In an art gallery that is not yet an art gallery.
Looking for content.
But first it needs light.
A drawing on a wall marks where an electrical
outlet will be installed.
The meaning is clear.
This is where the light will come from.
The artist unknown.
It's beautiful.
If it was meant to be art it would not be so easy to interpret.
It would still be beautiful.
We would need to find meanings beyond the obvious.
If none it would be mere illustration.
Here. On this wall. Is an electrical outlet planned.
So how will I tie the end of this reflection together with the title of this entry?
Ah, that I leave to you, dear reader, to figure out.
That's art.
Oh, wait a second.
Maybe the drawing doesn't depict an electrical outlet after all?

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