Sunday, December 16, 2007

Destroy and build anew?

View from the NJ Transit Dover train to New York.
Looking at one of America's worst managed cities, as it seems.
One of one America's most dangerous cities for sure.
Billboards ask for help from the entire community to rid the place of guns.
With all the shootings taking place to the left and right of the train tracks I'm surprised
the train hasn't be targeted.
The view that reminds those of us in better suburbs 15 or so minutes west that life could be real tough.
It's what makes many work a little bit harder to make sure they'll never have to risk their kids lives in schools
that are dangerous to enter. Or worse, dangerous to leave.
Newark. So close to New York.
A New York busting at her seems.
Making former suburbs in Brooklyn and Queens and now even Bronx too expensive
for people with normal humble salaries. People with families.
Newark being even closer to central New York than most New York boroughs
could be a fantastic place to live.
Hoboken, a few miles north along the Hudson
river on the Jersey side is already gentrified to the point that none of its original working class
inhabitants can afford to stay.
But for this to happen in Newark, the streets need to be safer.
Meantime, the rest of us pass through by train.
No sane man's land between the extremes of New York and the well off towns of Maplewood,
South Orange, Summit, and even more so Millburn with filthy rich Short Hills.
15 minutes between the American dream and an American nightmare.

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