Monday, December 17, 2007

Fun in advertising

Okay, so I'm in advertising.
It used to be the most fun one could have with the pants on, as some clever celebrity creative famously said.
Could have been Jerry Della Femina, or George Louis, or Bill Bernbach, no, maybe not Bernbach.
Definitely not David Ogilvy. He wouldn't say such a thing.
It's now said by me, as by countless other admen before me. Probably not adwomen.
It's a lad's language.
Actually, I haven't had that much fun in advertising for years.
Mostly it seems like a string of endless meetings. And most of what I come up with gets shot down nowadays.
For any and a million reasons, none of them fun.
Which is an experience I seem to share with just about everyone I know in advertising.
Just look at most ads.
It couldn't have been that much fun to produce them.
I can't for my life believe that someone who calls being in advertising fun would by free will create such dross.
Therefore I smiled when I saw these posters for UniQlo.
No beautiful people to identify with.
No product shots as such.
No stupid headline.
No big buy now get one free.
No splashes.
Just fun and simple and tongue-in-cheek.
I wish I had been fortunate enough to have had the fun to do it.
Kudos to an obviously cool client, and a great team overall.
Nice the photos don't try too hard to overshadow the simplicity of the idea.
I'm truly tempted to buy one of the sweaters.

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