Friday, December 14, 2007

I hope he won't be pissed off now

This guy is one of the coolest guys I know.
He's got brains.
Which he uses.
To think with.
And frequently steering his fingers onto a computer keyboard where words form.
Words worth reading and reflect on.
Some of which can be found on
He's got a heart.
A big heart.
Which he uses to feel with.
Although I've heard one doesn't really feel with ones heart,
but rather the stomach.
It's the stomach that hurts when you get overly stressed.
It's your stomach that turns when you witness horrible things.
Butterflies don't appear appear in your heart, but in your stomach.
I'd like the idea of a good heart though.
It's more unique. It's a rare thing.
George is unique.
He might also be the only visitor to this blog.
Which is one reason I keep publishing it.
Just to show I'm not a quitter.
Thank you, George.
You, and my kids, keep me up.


geo said...

i don't deserve you or your praise.
you are that rarest of humans: a mensch.

You're also a damn good writer and thinker. Not to mention filmmaker. Photographer. Designer. Art-director. Father. Husband and friend.

T said...

no, george, you're blind. i'm not that good at anything, which is exactly why i am where i am. I can be a good friend though, and i hope i am a good aba (father).