Friday, December 21, 2007


Heck, I wouldn't have posted this if it wasn't for the fact
that I'd feel real shitty if I hadn't.
Like not going to the gym. Or running a mile.
Or tidying up the kitchen.
Which I didn't.
Habits are good for you.
At least I entered this picture.
Which I'm not terribly proud of.
Neither am I proud of the gibberish text that accompany the image.
But at least I wrote it.
A small insignificant achievement.
Discipline is a good thing.
As is breaking the rules now and then.
Feet on an office desk may actually be a sign of
courageous rebellion in times like these.
We're supposed to sit straight looking busy at all times.
Take our lunch at our desks. If we have a desk.
Mindless rather than thoughtful.
Tireless rather than fearless.
Sheep never put their feet on desks.
I guess they don't have feet a such.
You do need feet to stand up. And put on your desk.
Or even better, on other peoples desks.
Feet on desks may be as well connected to
the brain – generally located a few feet up the body – than feet on the ground.
Think about it.
Some of the best thoughts mankind may have had, might
have happened when feet weren't firmly planted on the ground.
Some people think well on their feet.
Others think better with their feet in the air.
Not their heads.

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