Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Life is full of gaps

When you've survived your first 7-8 or so years as a human,
you already don't remember most of it.
You've learnt how to walk, speak and avoid the neighbor's angry cat.
Who your parents are. And that candy tastes better than food,
but is nevertheless not what you're supposed to eat.

That first memory gap is there for ever.
Only some expensive talk therapy, when you're grown up, can help you remember.
You're certain the cause of all your happiness lies hidden in one of those gaps.
Not that your shrink are as sure, but she's got to live too.
And you've never going to remember what you did when you were 2 anyway.

8 years olds are proud of their gaps.
They can cash in on them.
Provided the family houses a generous tooth-fairy.

Later you're told to mind the gap.
If you don't, you might never wake up to remember anything again.
Which would be a loss for your shrink, but a gain for certain other practitioners.

Then there's GAP of course.
Which is hard to avoid no matter what.

Your life is going to be a string of gaps.
Eventually closer and closer in between.
Merging into total stretches of voids.

Gaps between your sexual encounters.
Between you and and the next gig.
Your teeth.
Gaps, as wide as oceans between your neurons.

And finally the grand finale.
The gap of all gaps.
The end gap.

Until then. Keep smiling.

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