Sunday, December 2, 2007

Migrating birds

The kids have been up for an hour or two already.
Despite going to sleep later than usual late night.
That's the way it is when having a sleep-over.
There are lots to talk about.
And not only about what the Pokemons are up to.
10 year olds have quite sophisticated relationships.

Kaleb, Louie's best friend, is in town.
He and his family moved to California a year ago.
But his soul didn't move.

Kaleb is still and East coast boy. A Jersey boy.
A guy who refuses to accept the move.
He hasn't bothered to make any new best friends in his school.
He is convinced they'll move back here again in the spring.
But it's the climate that will decide that.
The job climate.

His parents are both from here.
They grew up here and lived here until work took them west.
They didn't want to go, not really,
and resisted settling in,
telling themselves it's just temporary.

"This was my best sleep-over ever",
declared Kaleb when waking up.

It's time for him to pack his bag and head for the airport.

You've got to go where the cheese is.
That's how we survive.
Those of us who know how to fly.

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