Saturday, December 29, 2007

so what

My life.
My kids.
This is Louie.
With his pet Tulip.
Louie loves so much.
Oh, I Iove him. My Louie.
Look at his eyes.
I wish, I wish, that
he has my eyes.
But sharper.
I wish he has eyes wiser than mine.
I wish.
I wish the child will never have to face
the crueler realities of a grown-up life.
He will. Have to.
Oh, how I wish he could grow up, live,
without ever having to be a real grown-up.
Life is not always easy.
Not even for a child.
What it is.
It is.
There's so little I can do.
I never got it quite right in life.
Still. He still adores me.
In a few years time he will give me another pair of eyes.
I guess I'll deserve it then.
I never learnt much that's worth to teach.
I love him.

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