Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who enjoys it?

Cars being smashed up en masse.
Helicopters crashing into mountain walls.
Going up in flames.
Buildings blowing up.
Stuff crashing into them.
It hurts me.
It pains me to see the mast of
the Empire State Building being knocked askew.
I know it's just film. Make believe. Not real.
But it's this thing about destruction of stuff that's always bugged me.
It seems like such a waste to me.
I could never be a great general.
Could never order the bombing of a beautiful city.
Not even on film.
Special effects of that sort is not what I find entertaining.
And yet, I know most people just love to see things being blown apart,
torn up, destroyed, massacred and demolished.
The bigger and costlier the better.
I just don't enjoy it.
Even if it is just models filmed to look big like in real life.
Hey, why destroy such painstakingly put together models?

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