Wednesday, January 2, 2008

5th Avenue New York

There's nothing interesting about the picture above.
It was simply the only picture I took today.

However, a rare thing happened.
Just after I'd taken this picture I met a person right outside
the building I haven't seen for years and years.
Christina Knight.
A very nice person.
Very talented too.
Intelligent, if I am intelligent enough to tell.
A very beautiful woman. Still. After all those years.
I guess I haven't seen her for like almost 20 years.

We used to work together on some projects. She was a copywriter, I an art director.
At what was then considered the hottest creative shop of all in our homeland Sweden.

I regret I didn't have the camera ready.
She looks almost exactly as she did back then.
She was in New York with her family. Vacation.
I was in New York meeting some people.
Well, I live here. So that is what I kind of do every day.
Not at the same place every day though.
Today it was 5th Avenue. Between 15th and 16th street.

i mean, this world is big, New York isn't exactly tiny.
Even thought we refer to the world as small nowadays.
I mean, really. Bumping into an old work mate just like that in New York?
Hey, I ever rarely bump into people I know in the bloody office lift!

Happy New year.

It was a quick embrace. Hi,...aren't you.. oh.. shit yes.. you look just like....
And we did look just like, well, at least she did. We embraced. Quick hug.
Say hi to all I might know back home.
I actually do mean it.
20 seconds really.
It's small big world.

Actually, I wish we could have sat down
for a bit and sort of just. Talked.

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