Friday, January 25, 2008

Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Now when it's a thousand years ago
young artists could afford to live
in a loft in SoHo, and East Village and Alphabet City are drug free zones and hi-rent, and Billyburgh
gone yuppie, everybody's looking for the next neighborhood to go hip.

Some bet on Greenpoint in Brooklyn.
A working class neighborhood adjacent to docks and warehouses and factories.
Many of which are abandoned.
The draw is great spaces.
A fabulous view of Manhattan.
The Subway line that crosses Brooklyn and links to the L train to Manhattan.
It's really only about 20 or so minutes from Union Square.

A few pubs and local stores can be found in the area.
The closer to the waterfront the emptier it gets.
But it's there the great spaces are.
It's not a pretty hood.
Not many people in the streets. Not yet.
No designers stores. Not yet.
Not that many cosy coffee shops.
A few well established pubs and drinking venues of course.
This is working class after all.

A few new hip businesses in the area marks a change.
A photo studio. On par with the best in Manhattan.
Better view form the roof terrass than any of them.
A couple of design studios.
And a printer that serves the young and hip.
Those who don;t want their business cards and letterheads
to be cheap digital crap. but rather prefer old fashioned
book printing on fancy stock.
Like i the old days.
i'll get back to that.

Meantime enjoy a picture of the neighborhood
as it was before it started to get hip.
It's got a sense of humor that we hope
won't get lost when the young and serious move in.

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