Thursday, January 31, 2008

if you don't look up

New York City is a great city if you raise your eye-sight a bit.
I don't like to follow advice.
Never been my strong suit.
I rarely follow my own advice.
I've been looking down quite a bit recently.
There are pictures there too.
I've been looking down in cities all around the world.
This amazing view is from 6th avenue,
somewhere in the village.
Some people tells me they like the x better than the o.
Personally I'm more into the space between the two.
Without it the x wouldn't be so visible as it contains no information.
Just a colorless void.
and the o would just be a little dark hole.
So when you look down, don't forget to look in between.

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-K- said...

Wow - you posted a lot of interesting shots this week.