Tuesday, January 8, 2008


It gets people all excited.
Blood. The mere mentioning of it. The word.
Like hyenas licking their tongues, drooling,
in anticipating of who's next to be led to the slaughter.

Relationships will be tested.
True friendship will be tested.
Loyalties being dishonored.
False loyalties it turned out. We're all a family. Ha.
Hey, to be kicked out of a family means you must have done
some really, truly, serious damage to the family's reputation.
Stop this bullshit already. Talk's cheap. Peoples livelihoods aren't.

Sure, it's a reality that a company can't sustain its business if
there isn't enough to sustain it.

Likewise, for whomever who's being sacrificed it's equally painful.
Talented or not.

So I will not necessarily argue only for those who were competent
and should have been left untouched.
I'm far too ambivalent for that.
Most of us can't help if we're not as good as others.

Of course, being good at what you do is no guarantee.
Not anymore. Neither is working long and hard.
Sometimes the opposite.
Especially if your bosses are completely incompetent themselves.
Which they will of course never admit.
Or even discover,
as they more often than not are equipped with personality traits
that make them unable to see and admit their shortcomings.
It's a mirror, mirror on the wall...

Okay, to be a bit fair, for some of these guys its rough to let people go.
They have hearts too.
Some of them.
Or used to have
Well, now they have life styles.

Most have discharged their human traits somewhere along the way.
The worst of them have chosen to.
The others are merely corrupted by power and pecuniary temptations.
Which is part of the problem when change is necessary.

Change, by the way, never should have to come from the bottom up.
If the top was as competent and responsible and intelligent and wise as it's supposed to be.
It needs to come from the top. .

True change never happens from top down.
Why eliminate yourself?
You think the problem isn't you, but rather a result of all those hacks
you somehow got burdened with, right?

Actually, a lot of people have surprising resources to fill in the gaps and add value if given the chance.
Organizations that fail to reinvent themselves constantly fail to do so because
they are not letting people grow and expand.

What truly bothers me in today's world is
that those who are ultimately responsible are rarely those who get the axe.
Why give yourself the pink slip?
Even if you're totally in-adept.
Even if you could afford it?

Highly competent people who mostly gave their all to the company
are the ones bearing the brunt.
We tend to call them middle management.
And by that we can detach ourselves from feeling bad.
Middle-management is a bad word.

First went the workers.
Their jobs went elsewhere or were taken over by machines.
Now it's the white collar class that is walking out the door.

They do indeed represent a large part of the pay-check.
As a group.
They rarely have much to fall back on.
White collar slaves.
Their fall is high and hurts a lot.
Especially as they often have reached an age when ousted
they find it harder than most to get back on track.
They don't know how to use a hammer or to fix a toilet.
They could afford to hire someone to do that job.
Which was good. It was spinning the wheels for everyone.

They live in decent homes.
Middle-class homes in middle-class towns.

So don't pity them you say.
Well, they've payed most of our taxes for their entire lives.

And spend the surplus on the girl scouts cookies and other good will projects
they feel obliged to support.

They have mortgages and kids in schools in well functioning towns
and often far too expensive responsibilities added.

Rarely do they take their full vacation.
They eat their lunch at their desks
and check in to every meeting, meaningful or not.
Just to show their good will and loyalty to the Company and the
so called Family they were lead to believe they were part of.

The people who they've served, and relied on for most decisions
being made as far as their work went,
are the ones who laugh all the way to the bank.
Cutting costs by 7 percent might warrant a bonus.

Let down. Had. Screwed.

So much for being nice to the boss.
Loyal to the Family.
Well, either way they'd be fired.
Catch 22 it is.

They followed the directives. All the way to the cliff's edge.
Pushed over.
To give their bosses yet another respite.

The meek will certainly not inherit the earth.
Other than as a miserable heap of leftovers.

Today, several of my friends, highly competent and hard working people, were to their surprise
let go from a big company.

As have happened too many times the last few years.

Sure, there's a shift taking place.
However, with quarterly results, even monthly, being God,
all God-ness and goodness have gone out the window.

Different skill-sets required. Younger too.
Give me a break.

Are those big corporations not supposed to train and prepare
their people for ongoing change?

What the fuck happened to the responsibly of the firm?
Fuck them. They can't care less.
They are no longer good citizens.
They're greedy holding companies serving the few.
Added value to whom, exactly?

No wonder communism have had such an appeal
at certain periods in modern history.

It's not black and white. It's black and red.
Unfortunately that color scheme have been adopted and hi-jacked by the worst of forces.
Unfortunately it's illustrative of what's happening in our industries right now.

Incompetent and greedy leaders built organisations they couldn't handle.
Only for their own short-sighted so called accomplishments.
And now they let the innocent pay the price.

Blood is flowing. The wrong blood.

Let the right kind of blood boil. And stop this bullshit.

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