Wednesday, January 23, 2008

the unbearable beauty of ugliness

I can't help it.
I find photographing what's conventionally ugly
more interesting than what's beautiful.

Extreme beauty or opulence are
interesting in a perverse sort of way.
The interior of a French chateau.
The crinoline dresses and wigs.
A perfect body.
All that do well as camera food.
But it's out of reach most of the time.

Ugly however can be found everywhere, any day.
It's just a matter of looking at it with different eyes.
Not shying away from it.

I've passed this derelict factory at the outskirts
of Newark for years.
On my train ride to NY.
A skyline far in the background.
The silhouette of the Empire State Building the only
visible sign we're just minutes away from Manhattan.
New York so close to the hinterlands of a run down industrial New Jersey.
Soprano land. Jersey.
Not the singing kind of sopranos
like at the Carnegie Hall, New York City.
Dry tall grass in the foreground.
It's at its most beautiful ugly in the mornings.

Oh, well, maybe i'll go to Provence in France
and change my mind.

There the beauty isn't ugly. Just rugged.

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