Sunday, January 27, 2008

Waiting for a train

8.25 A.M.
It could have been 8.25 A.M.
It looked the same back then as it does today.
Did yesterday.
Will on Tuesday.
Provided nothing completely unexpected happens.

Unexpected happens all the time.
To at least one of the persons waiting for the train.
On every given day.
One day a few years ago some of them never came back.
That was September 11. 2001.

Generation of people have raised their eyes to the clock on the wall.
4 minutes left until the train comes.
2 minutes.

These are the thoughts.
it's not in sync with my watch?
I wonder if it's on time.
I can't miss that important meeting.
The meeting that will change everything.
I wonder if I have time for a cup of coffee before the train comes?

Lives have changed in that station.
On the train to New York.
Time stands still.
Time moves without mercy minute by minute,
hour by hour,
day by day,
week by week,
month by month,
year by year.
Generation by generation.

The train arrives 8.26 A.M.
Final destination New York Penn Station.
Is this the day that will change our lives?
Will we be the same on the train back.
Will we be there 8.25 A.M tomorrow?

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