Saturday, January 5, 2008


I started writing this blog because a a few friends encouraged me to do so.
I think George Tannenbaum was the first.
I read his blog every day.
It's amusing, well written and thoughtful.
It stoked by his pathos. A fire in the belly.

On the surface it's about advertising and it's cousins.
On a deeper level about passion and decency and honesty.
Advertising is part of our lives.
So it's not so farfetched.
I also read a blog by Mike Lally.
It's also about honesty and decency.
But comes from a different angle.

As far as my blog goes it's all over the place as you may have noticed.
It's in search of something at all to write about.
It's in search of a language.
In search of a premise.

I'm just learning to express myself in a language that is not my natural language; English.
I'm fumbling.

I would like to write about the little person's struggle against the bigger powers.
I don't know how to.

I want to write about unfairness.

About racism.
About prejudice.
About corruption.
Of minds and of institutions.
I'm just not capable of finding the words.
Or the stories that best tell those stories in an engaging way.

About lies and half lies.
About small mindedness.

Steve Hayden. Legendary writer of advertising, also encouraged me to write a blog.

I don't think he had this blog, as it's been written so far, in mind.
I figure he thought of a blog that would be about my experience so far in advertising.
As I am one of the few in advertising who has actually been on a constant run from success.

Starting in my native Sweden I've worked myself through half the globe by now.
i should have a few things to share about being a foreigner in advertising lands around the world.
I should have a few stories to share, and some knowledge to share.

i just don't know where to start and what to write about.
To me it feels as if everything has been said.
By others who's been more keen on sharing their experiences.
Or, perhaps, more keen on promoting their experiences.
Better at dramatizing them.

Problem is I am not sure I've actually learnt that much worth sharing.
Although I know that what I have lived through makes me reasonably competent.
However. What i've learnt is that nobody wants to listen anyway.

So today I share with you an image I took the other night in New York.
At the ice rink in Bryant Park.
Bring your skates.
It's the only ice rink in Manhattan where you don't have to pay to skate.
And you'll have the view of the Empire State Building for free as well.
That's New York.

Now, I'll try to skate my blog with a little more purpose.
If I just can find my legs.


geo said...

tore, you write beautifully. your blog is about being a human, a mensch. it's about feeling, observing and seeing.

alfred kazin wrote "A Walker in the City."

You're writing your version.


Anonymous said...

it was really amazing..