Friday, February 22, 2008

look closer

How far do you have to go to find 
something worthy of a photograph?

Some people travel the world to find things to snap.
I do too.
Others find their subjects next to where they are. 
I do too.
For someone in China your kitchen is a very faraway place.
Very exotic.
And when I'm traveling I've found 
that I am more often than not interested 
in the small things. The everyday stuff. 
The things that have be become all too familiar 
to the eyes closest to them.
When I come to a new location for a job 
I always try to shoot something immediately.
The first impression.
Because after a surprisingly short while it gets very familiar. 
That's when you forget to include things that might in fact be very interesting to other eyes.
Or revealing to those who have become too familiar.
So here's a bowl left 
on the kitchen table last night 
in new morning light.

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