Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New York wall art

New York is digital.
Times square is pack full of giant screens with moving images.
And if it's not moving it's digitally printed for sure.
The old art of painting billboards are behind us.
Although still there are some huge murals around the city.
One just north of Penn Station. 
A giant wall, regularly re-painted by hand. 
There's another one on the south side of Houston Street.
Probably a few others as well.
And then there are all those old signs painted 
high and low on brick walls around the city.
Some fading and peeling after years of neglect.
Many advertising brands that no longer exist.
Give me a huge budget so I can photograph them all before they disappear.
Some will last a while still as they're fairly newly applied.
Garages around town still hawk their services through paintings on their walls.
I will try and post a few of those in the coming weeks. Whenever I walk by something photographable.
Excuse me for taking the liberty to crop them when I so feel like. 
By being selective a new piece of art appears.

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