Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Shanghai charm

Perhaps the most western of the cities of China.
Or at least the most shamelessly commercial.
I'm there frequently.
Each time I try to find a moment for myself and the camera.
Walking the streets of different neighborhoods.

A back-up crash left me losing thousands of images
from China taken over the last couple of years.
Some are left. I didn't save all of them on the same drives thankfully.
It teaches me to have two drives of everything.
Preferrably stored in two different nuclear bomb safe shelters.
Otherwise Murphy will get to it.

This image was taken a cold December morning 2006.
On The Bund, the grand street of old Shanghai.
The new city in the background.
Huangpu river in between.
The banks and insitutions who dominated The Bund of yesteryear
are now turned into hip and upscale restaurants, bars and boutiques.
The streets lined with Bentleys and Ferraris.

But every morning the taichi crowd shows up.
As they always have done.
Good times or not.

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