Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Busy Boston

Well, Boston isn't exactly New York.
I reckon it closes around 5.30 P.M. or so.
This is the airport just after 9.P.M.
As most every flight out of Newark was delayed about three hours due to some strong winds coming from a surprising angle!? we landed in Boston a bit late.
Very late, apparently, Boston time.
Quite early New York time.
Well before the first cocktail.
Actually, the time in the air is about 39 minutes.
The time difference is about 300 years.
Not that Boston is in any way behind.
Harvard's in Boston.
It's a university town.
All the young dudes.
Boston is a very important city in many ways other than Harvard.
Other than Bush. This is the Texas he's from by the way.
And in many ways far more modern than New York.
However, getting off a plane at Logan later than 5 P.M makes you feel like being the first person landing on Mars.
Rather inhospitable if you ask me, and I've only been to Mars twice.
Client meeting the first time.
Wrong flight the second time.
Both equally alienating.
Anyway, I was soon beamed up and put to bed
in a nice comfortable bed in a nice pretty house in little suburb
somewhere not too far from earth.

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