Sunday, March 30, 2008

Has Yahoo lost it?

I've been trying to get to my inbox for like half an hour by now.
Up pops all sort of messages about temporary this and that.
This is just one of them.
This isn't just today.
It's been going on for weeks.
What's happening with Yahoo?
Is someone trying to make Yahoo work like crap?
Chasing away customers, driving down further the value of the company?
Or has Yahoo simply lost it?
Lost people who keep the servers running properly?
Or lost the ability to plan and build for the traffic they surely must be anticipating.
Is Yahoo falling apart?
Despite the pain in the butt to get all friends and business colleagues etc. use a new email address I'm very tempted to skip my Yahoo accounts and go with my gmail.
I'll give it a week max.
I'm getting very tired of this.
By the way, even while in, mails don't always open. which means I'll have to go back and refresh and try again.
Is somebody else out there experiencing the same problems?
It's not my computer, I have the same problems no matter what terminal I use,
i have four different computers at home, sure, that the same modem, but yahoo works as lousily at work.
I've tested it at friends too. Same crap performance.
Yahoo might be loosing it. I'm sorry for that. Been a longtime fan.
However, if Microsoft gets their hands on Yahoo, I might dump them anyway. I'm not a huge fan of Microsoft right now.

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