Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lousy service

With the standard delays of trains at Penn Station nowadays
it's not uncommon to see people sitting on the floor.
Neither is it uncommon so see people people using the floors as beds.
There are always a number of presumably homeless folks
sleeping in nooks and crannies in the station.

None of these guys are normally threatening.
When they're awake they hang around outside the north west entrance.
The police at Penn must be aware of this.
Although they don't seem to be too busy chasing them around or out.
Personally I have no huge problems with that.
It's a tough life being homeless.

But again, I'm a rather tall guy in decent physical shape.
I fear little from these guys.
It might be different if you're a bit elderly and a little frail.
Or a young mother with small kids.
Or a visitor from out of town schlepping around tons of luggage.

I have a feeling they don't let piss drunk people sleep on the floor in Grand Central Station.
From GCS you get to the rich suburbs of Westchester and Connecticut.
From Penn you get to New Jersey.

Jersey got its fair shares of tony burbs populated by highly paid professionals commuting to the Big Apple.
But judging from our station and the first 20 minutes of the ride NJ is hell.
And it starts in NY.
A few feet under Madison Square Garden.

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