Sunday, March 23, 2008

time stood still

This is the longest stretch between two entries on my blog since i started it.
My juice has been sucked out by other projects.
Blogs are rather useless as publications in general.
They mostly serve as some sort of therapy for the blogger.
I've hadn't had time for that therapy the last couple of days.
So now, ridden by guilt for breaking my promise to keep it going, 
I abruptly interrupted was I was really doing. 
The stuff that brings bread to the table.
Blogging might be rewarding, but not necessarily pecuniary so.
Well, here's an image I took just a few moments ago, 
rather looking like it could have been snapped 10 or so years ago.
Perhaps 15 years ago. That depends on the model of the car. 
I wouldn't know.
But I assume American cars rarely last longer than 10 or so years.
Many other things last much longer however.

This modern, pulsating city on the forefront of things, a world-leader in, I don't know what,   certainly do not look like it on the surface. 
Mostly it is a weary looking rather old fashioned town. 
Beautiful only rarely, mostly from a distance. 
Close up it's weathered, toughened, rough around the edges and very traditional.
The cultures of old Europe are better preserved here than in the places of their origin.
Time do often stand still in this high paced city.
Although people rarely do.

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