Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Beatles in New Jersey last Sunday

Last Sunday, the New Jersey School of Percussion at the Glenn Weber Drum Shop
featured some brilliant drummers at a half day free program for those of us interested in music and percussion in particular.
Which I will write more about another time.
Perhaps tomorrow.

Today I'll just show a shot I took of a guy who has played drums in The Beatles.
He lives around the corner from the mentioned drum shop in West Orange.
It is not an ordinary music store. It's more like a club, with a stage.
A drum shop attached to it.
(West Orange is only a few minutes from where I live.)

I don't think he was officially part of the program.
He just dropped in to listen to the other drummers I guess.
Although standing quietly in the back he was immediately recognized by them.
Glenn Weber asked the audience if they knew who Andy White was.

A teenager half whispered "Beatles first drummer". At which some in the audience laughed.
As if the lad didn't know who the Beatles were. Or who Andy is.
Everyone knowing Beatles first drummer was supposed to be Pete Best.

Those who'd laughed probably felt a bit embarrased in front of Mr. Andy White when Glenn confirmed that the gentleman standing there was in fact a Beatle.

Andy White, a Scotsman, is a drummer, best known for playing on The Beatles first single, Love Me Do. He also played drums on the "Love Me Do" B-side, "P.S. I Love You."
White was a studio drummer in the 1950s and 1960s in London, recording with artists such as Billy Fury, Marlene Dietrich, Herman's Hermits, Bert Weedon and Tom Jones.

Mr. Andy White proved he is still an amazing drummer.
With humility, great humor and skill he improvised a little lesson on how to use a snare drum.
Nothing wrong with his paradiddles, double paradiddles, strokes and rolls.

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snorri sturluson said...

I did not know about that drummer, and I am a great admirer of The Beatles, and a Liverpool fan. Very cool.