Friday, April 11, 2008

The zen of an idea as seen from a view of bikes passing

Kind of makes me think of the pressure we always seem to have when having an idea.
We're kind of expected to be able to see far
into the future and explain why our ideas have enough legs to go far.
Really far.
Okay, so I'm in the ideas business.
An art director. Meaning I come up with ideas for ads or campaigns or brands.
Together with a bunch of other team mates.
It's hard to see the future of ideas through the original idea however clever it might be.
It also depends on who carries the idea forward.
The person who invented the wheel, it could have been a woman actually,
even though i know most people think of early inventors as men only, had no bloody idea of where it would take us.
A woman? Hey, men invented weapons. And hunting tools.
Women would have more time for things like wheels.
Anyway. She never thought of the motorbike that's for sure.
Neither, I'm certain, did the inventors of digital technologies think of blogs.
Ideas evolve.

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