Tuesday, April 22, 2008

to cross or not to cross

This is the longest break between blog entries since I started.
I don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for it any longer.
Knowing that very few people actually check in.

Not that I ever offered anything unique or sensational or even interesting.
It was just a few snaps of the life that passed by where I went.
Or slices of life that I passed by.

Sometimes I was more ambitious.
More careful with which photo to enter and what to write.

In a way this blog is a reflection of who I am; Ambivalent.
Easily distracted. Quickly bored.

It's not that I'm not focused. I can focus extremely well and hard and for long periods if need be.
It's just that I find sameness so totally boring that I find it almost impossible to stick to one line if I am not forced to it..

Which means that you can't expect for example a great shot of a flower every day. Or a portrait every day. Or a landscape every day. Or a joke. Or anything consistent. So the site can't be put in a drawer, appealing to a certain interest.

Well, the only thing you can expect is that it might not be that interesting at the end of the day.
Nothing important.

I burn for honesty, and tolerance.
For decency and for openness.
For equality and peace.
Still I haven't found much to say on those topics.
Or a voice for it.
I've just posted.

My method being picking almost randomly a picture out of my almost daily catch of snaps.

Sometimes I've worked a bit on enhancing the quality of the images.
Sometimes I just posted them raw, the way they came off the chip.

After which I just started to write whatever came to mind.
And let it flow. Until I had go do something else,more lucrative.

Which thankfully most often have been sooner rather than later.
Much thanks to a guy named George.

Only rarely have my blogs been supported by facts or research on topic before writing.
I think the only time I had a true agenda was when I wrote about the guys demonstrating for decent pay at Sheraton's Four Points hotel on 25Th street.
It was also the only time I got a mail in response.
A thank you note. so somehow somebody got to my site.
Probably through search on the topic.
And the only time i had quite a few visitors was when i mentioned Eric Clapton.

To every day research and write things that are meaningful takes too much time
and energy away from my daily task of putting food on the table for my family.
So, now I'll get back to that.
I may or may not continue the blog.
Let me know.

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