Thursday, April 24, 2008

View from the Garden

I've been to Madison Square Garden a couple of times recently as part of a project.
There's something old fashioned about the whole place, and it's surroundings with the gigantic Hotel New Yorker as the second most famous building after the garden itself.
Well, the grand old post office across 8th avenue may come in second after all.
But even so, this world famous area is one of the seedier in NY.
The bars are dingy. The restaurants lousy. The stores are mostly down market stuff.
The liquor stores keep their doors closed and the porn shops that got pushed out of Times Square resettled around here.
Home to the ugliest train station in the world as well. Pennsylvania Station. Or Penn for short.
For those who only have 15 minutes in NY, this is not the part to see.
It's not much to write home about, and probably not much to write a blog on either.
Perhaps I take some shots of the porn shops instead. They're at least color-full.

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