Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New York people passing by

30th street, north side,
just a couple of steps east off 8th avenue on Manhattan.
I've past by there, I don't know, a hundred times?
Never did I see that building.
Despite the fact that I walk around with my eyes wide open,
mostly looking more like a tourist than a
person who lives and work here.
I almost always carry a camera as well.
Looking for pictures.
New York is now, after many years here, very familiar to me.
Everything gets normal after a while.
But when I look closely I still see a new New York every day.
Things that don't even look as if they would be New York.
Or maybe only in New York?
In Queens, which is the most diverse borough in New York City,
approximately 138 languages are spoken
according to the NY State Comptroller.
I stood across the street taking pictures for about 5 minutes.
Here they are.

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