Monday, November 17, 2008

the next generation

My youngest son, playing the guitar.
I'm blessed with musical children.

I was never much of a musician myself.
I practice. To no avail.
It's that little extra that's missing.
And when I get up on a stage I kind of freeze.
I don't seem to have enough confidence
to be able to express myself.
As I sometimes can when
I'm playing alone,
late at night,
in the dark,
when nobody listens.

That's when I play the blues.

If I could choose a life and a talent
I would be a brilliant musician.

No, I'm not going to force my children to become
what I did not.

Everyone has the right to his own life.
Although, that said, very few of us actually
get to chose when it comes down to it.
We become something without having much of a say.
It all seems rather random.
Most of us become what our parents were.
Or close to.
And as far as parents go it's all a lottery.
Most children are born in places where life is hard.
Real hard.

My parents are both dead.
I loved them.
I don't think I ever told them so.
They were in all honesty not very successful in life.
They were good people. Perhaps too good. Too generous.
Perhaps to weak to succeed?
Success is in no small part a matter of beating others. To it.
Whether getting ahead in business,
or succeeding in music.
Talent notwithstanding.

I tell my children everyday I love them.

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