Monday, November 24, 2008

the richess of greenwich village

Monday night.
Three photographers.
An obscure gallery of images.
Images by two photographers I know.
And one I hadn't met before.
Fine work.
Three somewhat different takes on our
curiosity with the erotic aspects of mankind.
On one wall small and very sharp and detailed images of navels, pubic hair, eyes and a glans.
Revealing in their close-up ugliness.
Too close to be comfortable.
Still we poked closely at those images of body parts
we'd never even wouldn't want to
be close to. The limited size of the images forced us close.
The other wall was coverd in larger images.
Images of women in situations suggesting, mostly,
the oldest trade known to man.
Black and white. Grainy. Raw. Brutal. Sad.
Upstairs a projector
of rather erotic images of an asian girl.
Rather aesthetic and pleasant in contrast.
Lustful even.
Not dirty.
Mostly color.
Would color have made the other two exhibits less
More accessible?
No. I don't think so.
It might have made them.....

Here's an image of Gerhard Joren.
One of the three.
His day work is slightly different.
Perhaps showing as much sleaze.
But not obviously so.
He is a famed photographer of politicians and other
creatures of power.
Traveling the world. One day Washington DC. Another day Paris.
He's working for some of the foremost publishers in the world.
A party with friends.
In a gallery in Greenwich Village, New York City.
Showing images you'd never see in New York Times or the Star Ledger.
I think this side of his art adds a dimension to his day work.

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